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Natural Smile and Comfort


Dentures are custom-made artificial teeth and gums that form to your mouth to help replace lost or removed natural teeth. They help you improve chewing, speech, smile appearance, and most of all – self-confidence! Dentures can either be full, partial, or retained by dental implants.

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Full Dentures

As a popular smile replacement solution for total tooth loss, full dentures are removable dental appliances or prosthetics used to replace a complete upper or lower arch of missing teeth (or both). Dentures restore your smile’s appearance, functionality, and ability to chew and speak so you smile easy again. Custom-made to fit, our dentures are composed of artificial teeth set in a gum-colored acrylic base with options to personalize your smile. Oftentimes we are actually able to provide you with your new dentures on the same day of your tooth removal procedure! Give us a call to learn more about your options.

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Partial Dentures

As a removable smile solution for your unique smile, partial dentures are prosthetics that replace partial tooth loss for multiple teeth. They consist of artificial teeth attached to a gum-colored plastic or specially designed metal framework. Partial dentures are custom-made to be supported and retained by your remaining natural healthy teeth or dental implants. They can be used temporarily while implant sites are healing or for long-term tooth replacement.

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Implant Dentures

Implant retained-dentures are our most secure-fitting removable prosthetic which snaps onto surgically placed implants that are integrated into the bone just below the gums. More rigid stabilization of the denture via implants drastically improves comfort and function. As an upgrade to traditional dentures this solution helps you get back to the foods you love and the confidence you dream of.


Free Cosmetic Consultation

Learn more without feeling pressured to make any kind of commitment. It's crucial that you take the time and effort to consider your options before you choose a restorative or cosmetic procedure, we will help you through the process!

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