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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment is needed to save a tooth that is infected by bacteria from decay or tooth breakage. Root canals get a bad rap, but it is the most effective procedure in eliminating painful toothache symptoms quickly. It is a nearly painless procedure due to the complete numbing of the tooth and its surrounding tissue. Root canals are the superheroes of saving teeth!

Root Canal Treatment

Do I need a Root Canal?

You will need root canal therapy if your tooth becomes infected. This happens one of two ways:

  1. Over time, significant decay will eventually expose the vulnerable pulp tissue/nerve (the material that keeps your tooth alive) to bacteria that causes an infection and subsequent pain.

  2. Dental trauma can crack the enamel and dentin which exposes the nerve to oral bacteria.

Regardless of how the infection occurs, the pulp will begin to deteriorate and die. When this happens you will experience toothache symptoms like throbbing, pain upon chewing, and sensitivity.

Dentist Tools

The Procedure

With modern dental technology and anesthetics, a root canal procedure feels no different than having your tooth filled.

During the treatment, we will carefully remove the cavity and the infected part of your inner tooth called the dental pulp. Afterward, we will precisely shape, disinfect, and seal the root canal spaces. We will then restore the tooth with either a crown or filling to fortify it and promote healing. You should heal quickly, enjoying a healthy smile again in no time.

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Root Canal Recovery

Most people return to normal function within a day or so following root canal therapy. Over-the-counter medications can be used to treat any discomfort while you heal. Contact your dentist if you experience pain that lasts more than a few days, notice swelling, or feel like your bite is uneven.


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