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Smile Protection

Night Guards

Nightguards, also called bite splints, are suitable for treating a range of conditions, including bruxism (teeth grinding), TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder), and headaches. The common theme is that they help your mouth stay in the ideal position while you sleep, protecting your teeth and the rest of your mouth. The biggest advantage of wearing a night guard is its ability to protect your teeth. 


They Protect Your Teeth

The biggest advantage of wearing a night guard is its ability to protect your teeth from irreversible trauma like tooth fractures, chips, cracks, and long-term wear. For example, if you grind your teeth in your sleep, the mouth guard will comfortably separate your upper and lower teeth from each other. This way your teeth won’t be able to grind directly against one other.

Tooth wear from grinding is irreversible and can cause tooth sensitivity due to exposure of the more sensitive and softer part of the tooth under the enamel called dentin. Significant tooth wear often requires extensive dental restorations if not prevented early.

They Are Comfortable

Night guards are specifically designed to be easy to use. We take care to provide you with a low profile night guard that limits bulkiness, but doesn’t limit functionality. We ensure a proper and snug fit. Custom guards are also frequently used as part of the treatment for sleep apnea and TMD. The design of a mouth guard typically keeps your airway more open thanks to how they separate the upper and lower jaws from each other.

They Can Reduce Discomfort

For example, headaches, jaw muscle soreness, and TMD are sometimes caused by bruxism and can be unsettling and uncomfortable. We have many patients who say they “couldn’t live without their night guard” due to its ability to provide relief and comfort



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