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At Austin & Tatum Dental we use the highest quality tooth-colored composite resins to restore your teeth that have been affected by tooth decay or breakage.

Tooth Exam

Why a Filling?

Cavities are the most common reason to get a filling.  Cavities can form holes in the teeth caused by bacteria. To repair the area, we will remove the decay while the area is anesthetized, and carefully restore it back to near its natural form in order to regain function and eliminate any symptoms like sensitivity. Bacteria, sugary food and poor dental hygiene are typical causes of tooth decay.

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Lifespan of a Filling

The lifespan of tooth fillings can vary depending on factors like your oral hygiene, your diet, the severity of the cavity, and the location of the filling in the mouth. Generally, tooth-colored composite fillings can last five to ten years or longer if well taken care of. However, some teeth that have cracks, large cavities, root canals, or need to be cosmetically improved may require a more permanent solution like a crown or a veneer, which can last even longer

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The Procedure

During your visit, we will use a local anesthesia to numb the tooth or teeth and surrounding tissues. It’s common to feel some pressure or vibrations as we work on the tooth. We will then carefully remove all of the decayed tooth matter until healthy tooth structure is verified. The tooth is thoroughly cleaned and prepared for bonding. After an anti-microbial and anti-sensitivity solution is applied to the preparation we place, shape, and then cure the composite. As an additional and measure, we add a sealant layer on the surface and along the edges of the restoration to help it last as long as possible. We make sure the restoration blends well with your adjacent teeth and fits well into your existing bite.


Free Cosmetic Consultation

Learn more without feeling pressured to make any kind of commitment. It's crucial that you take the time and effort to consider your options before you choose a restorative or cosmetic procedure, we will help you through the process!

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