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Making Extractions Easy


Significantly damaged or infected teeth can require removal because they may pose a risk to your health if left untreated. This is a common procedure and we have loads of experience to help keep you comfortable and well-informed throughout the process.


Reasons for Extractions

Patients visit our office to remove teeth for a variety of reasons, including those listed below:

  • Gum disease

  • Significant tooth decay

  • Fractures or other trauma

  • Orthodontic reasons

No matter the cause, our doctors are skilled in the removal of teeth and utilize minimally invasive techniques to lessen post-surgical swelling and ensure a quick recovery.

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Extraction Procedure

Before removing the tooth we will administer local anesthetic to completely numb the tooth and surrounding area. After confirming anesthesia, the tooth is steadily moved in all directions in order to expand the surrounding bone that is anchoring the tooth. The tooth is gently delivered from the socket and the site is thoroughly cleaned and rinsed. Some teeth that are heavily broken down, have complicated or curved roots, or are impacted within bone may require conservative bone removal to remove the tooth. You will receive a rinsing syringe, gauze, and instructions on how to properly care for the site.

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Care After Extractions

Post-extraction care is crucial for healing and for preventing complications. Our team provides comprehensive aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth recovery. Patients are advised to rest, avoid strenuous activities, and eat soft foods for a few days. It’s essential to keep the extraction site clean and to avoid disturbing it. Pain management, typically with over-the-counter pain relievers, and oral hygiene are essential aspects of post-extraction care.


Free Cosmetic Consultation

Learn more without feeling pressured to make any kind of commitment. It's crucial that you take the time and effort to consider your options before you choose a restorative or cosmetic procedure, we will help you through the process!

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